Place the presenter in the center of the frame to minimize background interference. Zoom in on whiteboards and objects so that external participants can see them like you. Thanks to its advanced 4K image sensor, even if you zoom in on details, the video is clear and clear.

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MeetUp has i.a. advanced high-quality camera optics, which can shoot in a wide field of view without creating a “fish-eye” effect on the face or furniture. The face looks natural, the text on the whiteboard is clear, and the straight lines remain straight


Logitech’s MeetUp expansion microphones provide greater flexibility when setting up a meeting room. MeetUp’s built-in beam-shaped microphone is optimized for distances up to 4 meters. You can extend the range to 5 meters by adding an extension microphone. Whether people are sitting at a table, leaning against a wall, or walking around a room, MeetUp’s expansion microphone ensures that everyone can hear it.

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Is your smartphone connected? Do you want to have a meeting? Connect between MeetUp and your smartphone or tablet and get incredible clarity, volume, and range unmatched by handheld devices.


When you need to adjust the volume, turn off the microphone, or manually control the camera position, the remote control of MeetUp uses radio signals, so no matter where you are in the room, you can control it safely and discreetly. You can even download the free Lodging Remote app (available on iTunes) so you can control MeetUp from your iPhone or iPad.

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No drilling? Do not worry. When installed on the VESA mounting hole on the back of the screen, you can use MeetUp’s optional TV stand to place MeetUp above or below the screen without having to drill new holes.


The compact size and flexible installation solutions save space and minimize visible wiring.

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Active Logitech RightSense ™ technology makes your video conference better and easier. RightSound optimizes the human voice and improves the clarity of the dialogue. RightSight automatically moves the camera and adjusts the zoom ratio so that no one comes out of the image, and RightLight helps to look good on the camera—regardless of the lighting conditions.

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